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Abir El-Hallak


Abir El-Hallak is a goal-oriented Human Resources Professional with a strong background in delivering strategic and operational HR support gained from both the public and private sectors in the UK. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management. After graduation she lived in London working as HR Manager and travelling extensively in her free time before moving to Athens. She is an expert in the field of human resources and is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. As part of her previous role, she created and designed her department’s internet and intranet websites. She is currently working on her second Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media at Deree – The American College of Athens.

Working Woman


Senior corporate associate with extensive experience in creating and maintaining favorable client relations. Effective in promoting cooperative relationships between clients (pharmaceutical companies, doctors, healthcare professionals) and those who use their services, increasing brand awareness.  Able in managing project deliverables on time, budget and strategy execution.  Innovative in organizing public events.

Currently, I am attending the Diploma in Digital Communication and Social Media whilst on a career break to pursue my dreams in the field of social media and communication.  Work experience includes being a sales representative, clinical research associate, promotions, and tutoring.

Key projects that I was involved in and paved the way for my need to pursue a career in the communications’ field:  assigned communication’s ambassador for my previous company’s department.  Project lead, creating the 1st ever departmental intranet site for my company.  Receiving an award for the organization & execution of my company’s representation at the Business day organized in collaboration with AISEC (March 2013).  Designing and executing my department’s presentation for  Business Day at the company premises (May 2013).  Awarded Global Employee Survey ambassador, whereby I organized & executed the 1st ever GES workshop (2013).

Previous education includes:  Master of Arts:  Human Resource Development & Consulting,  (Awarded with Distinction) Lancaster University, UK, Bachelor of Arts:  Psychology, The American College of Greece, Deree College.

I am also a certified trainer.

Marilly Douni


I am Marilly and I am 35 years old. In 2005, I graduated from the American College of Greece earning my Bachelor’s degree from the Communications Department with specialization in Advertising.

From 2005 to 2015 I worked as an Account Executive in the advertising industry. What fascinated me the most in advertising was the fact that I could identify my customers’ need, to grasp the “idea”, pass it to my graphic designers’ team, and finally, turn this idea into a reality. Innovation, creativity, and inspiration were my three closest friends all of these 10 years.

In the mid of 2015 I decided to return to the American College of Greece as an employee this time, and more specifically, as Administrator of the International Honors Program; something that is really exciting since my target group is students and it is more than enthralling to work with all these young brilliant braINNOVATORS (as I call them, a combination of brain + innovators).

Right now, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

What I love the most…what inspires me the most… is the fact that my whole life has to do with communication and this is why I joined this blog. What I aim through the blog that you visit, is to inspire all of you who want to make a new beginning and invest in your country. I don’t know if you will find this blog interesting but I am sure for one thing: Greeks have entrepreneurial brains and they are here to stay and make the difference.

Teri Legaki


Having obtained in 2015 my degree in the Department of International and European Economic Studies (DIEES) from the Athens University of Economic and Business, I have gained knowledge of the existing national and international events in a social, political and economic level and most prominently I have acquired the essential skills of systematic research, critical thinking and information evaluation.

Apart from my studies, the fact that I handled unofficially on behalf of some friends and family, their business accounts of different social networks, by helping them improve their organization’s image positively by its online presence, triggered my desire for a Master in the field of Marketing associated with Social Media and Advertising was my ability to handle.

At the same time, my aptitude for foreign languages and also my willingness for a continuous enlargement of my horizons by creating and helping others, have led me to aspire a lifelong and continuous developing of my communication skills. And that the reason why I began and currently attending the Master of Arts  in Digital Communication and Social Media, hoping to enter the fascinating world of entrepreneurship and creativity.




Our blog is the result of team collaboration and effort, and part of our Master’s program requirement (digital media and CMC) at The American College of Greece.  Though we are 4 quite different individuals in term of background, age, influences and opinions, we share a common passion for social media and digital communication.  Our aim is to provide readers with the most accurate, authentic and practical information on Startups. Relying not only on academic bibliographical references, but also on our personal critical evaluation and opinion, we try to cover the most important aspects of starting a startup.  Nothing would make us happier than leaving our “mark”  to the world of startup entrepreneurship and digital communication.  So, feel free to “drop” us a line and let us know what you think.

Enjoy the blog-trip!




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