Let’s start a Startup News Site!

By Teri Legaki

 New media have definitely changed the way people communicate, businesses are held and the way information and news circulate into the world. Interactivity characterizes the media of the 21st Century, which has allowed more voices to be heard outside of mass media logics (Diamantaki, 2016). Nowadays, news media organizations invest resources not only in creating content, but also manage its circulation on interactive platforms.

Changes in technologies, in economics and mostly in the need of real-time information and customization, have formed new power players, entrepreneurial journalists, who are seeking to create new providers of news and information.Internet platforms are increasingly being used as platforms for startup news organizations by entrepreneurs ‘who are concerned with journalism and its social contributions, and want to preserve the social functions of journalism’ (Naldi,2012). The primary impetuses for establishing such sites are dissatisfaction with existing media coverage and significant layoffs of journalists in local media (Sass, 2009). For them, it’s not just about writing the cool stories, it’s about keeping the books straight.

Entrepreneurial online news sites can be either for profit or non- profit initiatives by either professional journalists or citizen journalists or a combination of them. They do not produce meaning; they manage meanings by empowering not only individuals, but also clustered groups to produce and circulate their own contents and meanings. These startup news sites are also increasingly responsive and customized, facilitating greater transparency and surveillance. Regarding their financing, there is a variety of approaches based on advertising, e-commerce, subscriptions, memberships, and donations.‘New online operating applications also provide abilities to acquire additional advertising through some larger hosting organizations or advertising networks, rather than merely relying on the site’s own advertising sales’ (Funk, 2008).

As all startup companies, new news startups need good planning, capital, resources, and committed leaders to make them competent. While these online sites are independent, it is essential that they built interest and outreach intensely the community. Since many startuppers may be entering in new industries, they may have to use new distribution technologies and this could cause them additional difficulties, as many people being unfamiliar with new technologies, are likely to be skeptical of or even hostile toward them. The basic key here is that when starting new ventures in new industries, costs may arise in terms of resources. Entrepreneurs must control or get access to more resources, like new technologies, organizational forms as well as business models, when starting ventures in new industries as compared to starting ventures in established industries (Naldi, 2012).

Startuppers of an online news site are considered as the one of the ‘4 cultural Roots of the Internet.(Castells,2009). They are the business foundation of the InternetEthos of diffusion of innovation and monetizing value. (Diamantaki,2016). Knowing the technological and business changes brought by the evolution fromWeb 1.0.to WEB 2.0, they shape the network by using it. As Mark Deuze(2012) very well stated that media life is “a life that can now only be imagined, but no longer experienced, outside of media”.Having this on their mind and also the willingness to form aninterest-bound and like-minded peer network, they start an online site, hoping to provide their public good quality specialized content.


“The first thing I would say to anybody starting a news organization is be sure you’re solving a problem or filling a need,” -Tracy Record, editor and co-publisher of the long-running West Seattle Blog.


5 Tech Startup News Websites that are worth your visit


The grandfather of tech startup websites. Here you can learn about who raised what and which companies are taking off. Many events are also hosted with striking founders and venture capitalists.



2. Product Hunt

Product Hunt helps you see what innovations are happening constantly in the tech world and which ones people like. It’s a newer website based on user upvotes, in order to promote  the top-trending cool new products made by developers



3.Inc magazine

A great source to catch up with new and growing startups and technology.By subscribing also to their newsletter, you can receive articles from specific sections, like startup, innovation and growth.

Inc website



Perfect for business and financial information. Forbes has an entrepreneurship and technology section about new startups.












A great website that covers tech startup news, mostly in Silicon Valley.Check their  PandoMonthly videos  for entrepreneurship inspiration!






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