Funkmartini: The first cosmetic Greek startup

By Teri Legaki


Startup entrepreneurs are familiar with the fact that Internet is a place of social experience, as everyday new ecosystems of different communities are created. When we are referring to a startup wanting to expand through network platforms, huge emphasis must be given to its users’ preferences and to the automated decisions made by the platform itself.

In the beginning of 2014, Alexia Kotsis and Grigoris Stamatopoulos who loved technology and wanted to boost the beauty services industry, created the first online search engine for beauty and cosmetic offers, Kotsis and Stamatopoulos, innovators to the Greek beauty industry, have become social media influencers. They managed to ‘bridge’ their network community users to companies and the opposite, by providing beauty customizations with simply one click. Fortune has rightfully placed them in the 27th place among the ‘ 40 new Greek entrepreneurs who are outstanding in Greece and abroad’.

Funkmartini is the first Greek online beauty community, in which users can book and pay online chosen beauty services, all over Greece. The web and mobile based platform aims at the same time at two different audiences, businesses and users. It enables businesses through a web based program in order to introduce their services, their offers and their weekly program and also users to find the company they wish, through various search filters. The companies joining Funkmartini platform will also receive statistics and indicators (KPIs) in real time and a customer relationship management (CRM), so they can approach their company’s interaction with current and future customers. Funkmartini aims to promote all member companies and built its reputation, as ‘reputation is an indicator of whether you are trustworthy or not’ (Diamantaki 2016).

A big thing about this startup is that it has implemented its digital strategy into a social strategy. Specifically, ‘Your everyday life becomes a contribution and you become an active member of a community that cares and supports responsibility among the society’, states Alexia Kotsis, Co-Founder. With each appointment booked through Funkmartini, an amount is given to ‘Alma Zois’, which is the National Association of women with breast cancer and  to ‘Make-A-Wish Greece’,  an association which transforms the lives of children with cancer.

Overall, Funkmartini caused cascading effects with its presence. ‘A new behavior starts with a small set of initial adopters, and then spreads outward through the network’, (Diamantaki, 2016). Knowing the dynamic that characterizes online communities and how much they have changed due to wider social and technological changes, Funkmartini created its own George Simmel’s ‘multi-belonging web group of cosmetic and beauty affiliations’.


Here you can book your beauty appointment:



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One thought on “Funkmartini: The first cosmetic Greek startup

  1. Funkmartini has started a digital beauty trend and it’s no wonder it has taken off, despite Greece’s current economic climate. With quick and easy access anywhere and anytime to more than 500 beauty salons and professionals in Athens, what more can a woman (or man for that matter) want?
    The success of Funkmartini is truly exemplary. The first round of funding they received from angel investors was a whopping €200k and according to Startup Grind, they have now raised their total funding to €730k.
    Startup Grind recently hosted Alexia Kotsi, co-founder and CMO of Funkmartini, as a speaker. Startup Grind dedicated the entire month of May to female entrepreneurship around the world and named Alexia as “one of the most successful Greek women in Tech” (Startup Grind). The startup now has plans to expand to Thessaloniki and Istanbul.
    Kotsi successfully balances her work life with her personal life. Both a mother and an entrepreneur, she is a fantastic example that this can actually be achieved. In fact, it was her heavy schedule that created her personal need to find beauty salons at short notice that gave birth to the idea for Funkmartini.
    Kotsi believes investors trusted them not only because of the product but also because of their strong and experienced team. Her advice is to research, research and then do some more research. According to Startupinvestormatch, Kotsi’s motto is Robert Baden Powell’s “look wide, and even when you think you are looking wide – look wider still.”

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